Prosieben Streaming Media iPad App (2010)

Crafting one of the first Streaming Media Apps for a Popular European TV Station

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Our Involvements

  • Concept
  • Technology
  • User Experience
  • Interactive Design
  • Visual Design
  • Product Development
  • Technical Implementation
  • Advertising Implementation


The Prosieben streaming media iPad app was one of the first streaming video apps to hit the market, coming out the year the iPad was launched in 2010.

We wanted to create a completely unique experience where viewers could lean back and consume media content much like watching TV but on demand; could save their favorite episodes; could create and edit watch lists; and could share and interact with friends.

Because the app would be free, we added and tracked sponsored content as well as built custom advertising space and interstitial advertising to seamlessly work with the media content, including commercials and clickable areas as well as webviews, animated advertisements, and content sharing.

The entire interface was custom built in Objective-C with completely customized components to create a signature Prosieben environment. The content was dynamically created to deliver rich up-to-date media experiences.


The Prosieben iPad app was a cutting-edge digital streaming media initiative in 2010. We built the entire app in lightning speed, from concept to delivery in just under 3 months.

It was one of the first movers and as a result had tremendous amounts of downloads daily. As a testament to its robust engineering and user experience, four years later the app remains nearly identical to its initial launch.

The user experience was the first of its kind in 2010, using custom components for everything from the video player to the browsing panels to popups and settings screens. We incorporated complex animations with hue changing components, sliding views, and movable panels to create a completely immersive experience. Unlike other video apps which mimicked the web experience, we enabled the video to take center stage, while allowing the user to still browse and cue up the next show without disrupting his/her viewing experience.

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