Insignia GPS for Best Buy (2009)

Usability & Design Engineering for a Mass Market GPS Device

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Our Involvements

  • User Experience
  • Visual Design


In partnership with Ecco Design, we designed the look and feel for the Insignia™ GPS unit at Best Buy, the largest electronics retail store in the United States. Our challenge was to create an interface that allowed for easy, safe navigation during car travel that could also compete with pricier brand names.

The interface was designed for a 4.3-inch display and provided preloaded maps, text-to-speech, and real-time updates on traffic, weather conditions, gas prices and movie listings. The devices was internet-connected with Twitter access so users could send location data to friends and family while on the road.


We gave the Insignia™ a sleek, modern interface that was at home among the latest in electronics yet could match with any car interior and remained attractive to the mainstream consumer. We created bold and friendly icons that allowed drivers to navigate with minimal distraction.

According to PC Mag, the device excels in its "Slick Google Search and Twitter integration" while the interface "is simple thanks to large, well-designed buttons and an easy-to-use on-screen QWERTY keyboard."

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