Global Mojo (2011)

Social Media White Label Widgets for Charity

Global Mojo is a San Francisco / Washington based company that offers a free browser app to generate money for nonprofits while users explore the web.

We created a series of white label widgets and a web page template for Global Mojo's partners and their users.

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Our Involvements

  • Consulting
  • User Experience
  • Visual Design


We created flexible, appealing design assets that would let users download Global Mojo's browser apps, register as a user, login to their account and use a dashboard that displayed various information about each user's statistics in the program.

The widgets were created in such a way that Global Mojo could quickly bring on new partners and provide their users with a customized, branded experience by dropping the widgets on top of a new web page template that would mesh well with their current websites and color palettes.


With the custom, flexible white label widgets, Global Mojo was able to

  • Increase active partnerships
  • Increase installations
  • Increase user half-life
  • Increase and promote sharing via social media

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