Esquire Magazine E-Reader for the Skiff Samsung Tablet (2009)

A Cutting-Edge E-Reader Experience

A Groundbreaking 3D Interactive E-Reader that wowed at CES - Las Vegas, January 2010 & Mobile World Congress - Barcelona, February 2010 --- before the iPad even hit the market.

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Our Involvements

  • Concept
  • Strategy
  • Innovation
  • User Experience
  • Visual Design
  • Development


Before the iPad even hit the market, we designed and developed a groundbreaking color touchscreen eBook Reader for Skiff and Samsung's next generation of tablet PC's using PaperVision 3D, Flash, ActionScript 2.0 for a modified Flash Player on an Android OS.

The color eBook Reader included a store to purchase an issue of Esquire magazine with 3D animations, a hexagonal index selector that allowed the reader to choose a story as it spun to the content, videos, resizable text, images with moving parts such as steaks simmering on a grill, a current blowing in the breeze, and many more interactive elements.


The E-Reader was shown at CES Las Vegas in January of 2010 and Barcelona's Mobile World Congress in February of 2010 to great fanfare. It was declared groundbreaking in the world of digital publishing way before the arrival of the iPad.

According to Consumer Reports, "The brief demo of the color version of the Skiff – the first glimpse most of us have had of a color e-book screen – was promising, if not dazzling."

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