Bauhaus Guide for iPhone (2011)

Building an Interactive Tour Guide & Magazine for Architectural Fans

The Bauhaus Guide for iPhone is the official mobile travel guide from the Bauhaus Institute. With this app, users can learn about the Bauhaus architectural movement, as well as historical sites in Germany and abroad.

Enthusiasts can take guided tours with the interactive map, uncover the history of the movement through audio interviews and articles, and access the Bauhaus magazine in German or English.

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Our Involvements

  • Concept
  • User Experience
  • Visual Design
  • Development


The Bauhaus Guide was created over the course of a number of weeks where we squeezed in as many features as possible within a tight budget and timeline. We created a dynamic content delivery and parsing system, fully customized UI elements, a map with guided tours, compass, and interactive locations around the world, audio player, a magazine & photo viewer, full app and icon design to reflect the spirit of the Bauhaus movement, as well as a fully localized English and German version of the app.


Because of our expertise in design and development, we were able to pack in many features and designs that would have taken most other teams many months to create and deliver. Bauhaus Guide was launched in February 2012 with its companion travel guide, Bauhaus Travel Book, to the joy of all involved.

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